25 years of life have brought one, resounding realization: Nothing comes to those who wait. As one of those millennial, college graduates, I had my degree in one hand and no clue in the other. After moving to Kansas City from Wichita a few years back, I started to wonder why I was becoming a stereotype. Um, excuse me? I have a college degree and a lot to offer the world! World: No, thanks. I am going to work at a big-time magazine company, look fabulous every day, and drink cosmos like Carrie Bradshaw. World: Keep dreaming. Okay, well I’ll grab a retail job for now, but watch out because I’m coming. World: We’ll see. Two and a half years later, the retail job still has me.

After a lot of self-pity, and several years of complacency, I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take matters into my own hands. United States of Being is a chronological journey of learning to find your place in the world.

United States of Being is me, making my place in the world. Come along for the journey! There is sure to be some self-deprecation, laughs, bemoaning, puppy pictures, and cookies.

Fitness, fiction, fashion, fur babies, and wayfaring. These are a few of my favorite things.