I have created a new, more exciting, prettier, and all around (for lack of a better term) cooler site that will better work for my writing, and for sharing with others about health and happiness! The site is currently under construction, so don’t quite judge the book by its cover just yet.

Travel, health, and devotion have become my three main elements in which I choose to enrich my life. Of course, each of those entail a myriad of subsections, chapters, extensions, categories, etc. But by balancing my life around these three aspects, I have found purposeful living to be simpler and more meaningful.

Purposeful living through travel, health, and devotion is the foundation of my new blog, and I am excited for others to experience them as well.

My new site is located at www.myunitedstatesofbeing.com.

Please visit and let me know what you think!

Thank you!