While sitting at home last night with my husband and sister, watching my girl T-Swift rock the stage, and that luminous ball drop towards the ground, I decided I wanted to make some resolutions. Resolutions are not a tradition that I normally partake in, but since I am on my way to making my place in this world, I decided it couldn’t hurt. Listed are my resolutions, as well as my sister’s and husband’s, after some arm-twisting.

Me: Have a more consistent recycling program implemented; complete a Whole100**; create a profitable blog. (Hey! You’re helping with that already.)

Husband: Pay off 1/8th of student loans; choose a specialty field for his Physical Therapy career; have a Physical Therapy rotation in Portland during its “non-rainy” season.

Sister: Potty-train her puppy Cupcake; tithe 10% to her church; complete Whole30** with her sister. (That’s me!)

There are many aspects in our lives that we attempt to correct, improve, change, and ignore. Resolutions are meant to encourage us in taking those aspects in our lives, that are not as appealing, and work harder to correct (or improve or change, but probably not ignore.) Some people scoff at others who make resolutions (or goals or whatever you choose to call them) because, for example, the amount of people who exercise in their local gym, drops drastically come February 1.

But why scoff? Why deny people the attempt to organize their lives, or improve their health, or achieve that dream career. Without the attempt to begin with, nothing would ever happen.

So. Here’s to 2015. Here’s to changing habits, improving our health, correcting our attitudes, and ignoring the naysayers.

This will be our year.

**Some of you might be unfamiliar with the Whole30 program, created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This 30-day challenge is an excellent way to change your eating habits and improve your relationship with food. Check out http://www.whole30.com for all of the details. You can also check out my Instagram page for my before-and-after pictures! @jordanshea5