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“Change your state of being and your experience will follow." Raphael Zernoff

New Site — June 21, 2015

New Site

I have created a new, more exciting, prettier, and all around (for lack of a better term) cooler site that will better work for my writing, and for sharing with others about health and happiness! The site is currently under construction, so don’t quite judge the book by its cover just yet.

Travel, health, and devotion have become my three main elements in which I choose to enrich my life. Of course, each of those entail a myriad of subsections, chapters, extensions, categories, etc. But by balancing my life around these three aspects, I have found purposeful living to be simpler and more meaningful.

Purposeful living through travel, health, and devotion is the foundation of my new blog, and I am excited for others to experience them as well.

My new site is located at www.myunitedstatesofbeing.com.

Please visit and let me know what you think!

Thank you!


Healthy — June 3, 2015


There are so many connotations in that one little word. Heart healthy. Healthy diet. Healthy foods. Healthy ingredients. Cardiovascular health. Psychological health.

Healthy life.

Recently, I have learned how far this word reaches. In life, we try to be healthy. We try not to eat too much and get some exercise. But true health is so much more than these two actions. YES. We need to eat healthy. And YES. We need to exercise.

But why?

To stay to the world’s standards of beauty and fitness? To have a “nice” bikini body and take good selfies?


Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.

Proverbs 3:7-8

When we eat healthy and exercise, we are fearing the Lord. We are honoring the Lord by taking care of the bodies He blessed us with. Should we ever compare our bodies to someone else’s? Of course not! God made YOU to be YOU.

Now, eating healthy and exercising are two parts to a much larger whole. There are many more attributes to health. Getting enough sleep, socializing with others, working our minds, experiencing different parts of the world, and seeking God’s guidance.

Now, I am no expert. But when we apply these elements together, our lives can find that balance that we hear about. With these seven actions, we are not only improving ourselves, but the world we live in along with us.

Let’s challenge ourselves to implement these seven elements into our lives and see what differences come from them.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts or results!

Write the Real Stuff — February 7, 2015

Write the Real Stuff

…if every reader always loves every word you ever write, I mean this nicely, but you are not writing anything that interesting. Write the real stuff, the hard stuff, the true stuff. Literature is too saturated for cotton candy fluff. Most readers are craving truth-tellers who don’t sanitize their words to avoid criticism. Be brave.

– Jen Hatmaker

10 Short Medieval Poems Everyone Should Read — February 6, 2015

10 Short Medieval Poems Everyone Should Read

For my fellow English nerds (or anyone!), this is a great post of Medieval poetry with some quick tidbits about origin and meaning. Worth the read!

Interesting Literature

Looking for some great short medieval poems which are easy to read? Look no further than this, our latest post…

Medieval poetry can be a daunting field to dip into (to mix our metaphors terribly). Although Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Dante’s Divine Comedy are masterpieces and essential reading, perhaps the best route into medieval poetry – as with any poetry – is to start small. What follows is our pick of the best short medieval poems written in English.

They are all presented in the original Middle English, because here at Interesting Literature we believe that that’s the best way to read the poems. This does mean that several words/phrases need glossing, so we’ve done this briefly before each poem. All of these poems were written (or at least written down) some time during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: our source for them is the excellent Penguin book of Medieval…

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Saponification! — January 24, 2015
2015 — January 2, 2015


While sitting at home last night with my husband and sister, watching my girl T-Swift rock the stage, and that luminous ball drop towards the ground, I decided I wanted to make some resolutions. Resolutions are not a tradition that I normally partake in, but since I am on my way to making my place in this world, I decided it couldn’t hurt. Listed are my resolutions, as well as my sister’s and husband’s, after some arm-twisting.

Me: Have a more consistent recycling program implemented; complete a Whole100**; create a profitable blog. (Hey! You’re helping with that already.)

Husband: Pay off 1/8th of student loans; choose a specialty field for his Physical Therapy career; have a Physical Therapy rotation in Portland during its “non-rainy” season.

Sister: Potty-train her puppy Cupcake; tithe 10% to her church; complete Whole30** with her sister. (That’s me!)

There are many aspects in our lives that we attempt to correct, improve, change, and ignore. Resolutions are meant to encourage us in taking those aspects in our lives, that are not as appealing, and work harder to correct (or improve or change, but probably not ignore.) Some people scoff at others who make resolutions (or goals or whatever you choose to call them) because, for example, the amount of people who exercise in their local gym, drops drastically come February 1.

But why scoff? Why deny people the attempt to organize their lives, or improve their health, or achieve that dream career. Without the attempt to begin with, nothing would ever happen.

So. Here’s to 2015. Here’s to changing habits, improving our health, correcting our attitudes, and ignoring the naysayers.

This will be our year.

**Some of you might be unfamiliar with the Whole30 program, created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This 30-day challenge is an excellent way to change your eating habits and improve your relationship with food. Check out http://www.whole30.com for all of the details. You can also check out my Instagram page for my before-and-after pictures! @jordanshea5

Realization — December 20, 2014


25 years of life have brought one, resounding realization: Nothing comes to those who wait. As one of those millennial, college graduates, I had my degree in one hand and no clue in the other. After moving to Kansas City from Wichita a few years back, I started to wonder why I was becoming a stereotype. Um, excuse me? I have a college degree and a lot to offer the world! World: No, thanks. I am going to work at a big-time magazine company, look fabulous every day, and drink cosmos like Carrie Bradshaw. World: Keep dreaming. Okay, well I’ll grab a retail job for now, but watch out because I’m coming. World: We’ll see. Two and a half years later, the retail job still has me.

After a lot of self-pity, and several years of complacency, I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take matters into my own hands. United States of Being is a chronological journey of learning to find your place in the world.

United States of Being is me, making my place in the world. Come along for the journey! There is sure to be some self-deprecation, laughs, bemoaning, puppy pictures, and cookies.

Fitness, fiction, fashion, fur babies, and wayfaring. These are a few of my favorite things.